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Chat with people in your 3km radar!

Download NewFaces.io 3km Chat Radar App for Android


It’s all about connecting on your radar

People on your radar are online, within 3km and waiting to chat. ‘Tap on’ a person you like and instantly start chatting with the 3km Chat Radar App.

Real-time location based chatting within 3 km you will love

Keep the ones you like close! Your radar only finds people within a range of 3km. Once the distance to your chat partner exceeds 3km the conversation is over! If you happen to get back within distance, they will reappear on your radar and you can continue the conversation.

Seize opportunities and stay safe

Receive new chat requests and message notifications, or turn them off. It is your decision. You get to know new locals in a private chat – you are so close! If you’re not interested, just block people to prevent them chatting with you… or get blocked yourself. You only share the distance to your chat partners, not your actual position. Safety first!

It’s fun and easy

Connect with people around you. Meet right here, right now!

Pro Subscription Features

The advantages of the Pro Subscription, for only 99 cents per month!

Mark Your FavoriteFaces To Access Them Faster And Easier

Check Distance And Access Chat Conversations With Them At Any Time
Ad Free Experience  

Favorite Meetup Notification


Lost a FavoriteFace from the radar? Automatically receive a push notification when a FavoriteFace appears on your radar to instantly continue chatting.


Free Pro Subscriptions

The first 100 users in every 3km radar globally will receive a free Pro Subscription for one year!

Download NewFaces now to find out if you‘ve won in your location.

Download NewFaces

Share The App With Your Friends

If you’re lucky and found one of the 100 free Pro Subscriptions in every 3km, why not tell your friends? This way your friends have a bigger change of finding a free Pro Subscription as well.

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Meet new people you would have never met

NewFaces.io takes away the boundaries we normally have. Start making meaningful and new connections now.

I‘ve met my business partner on NewFaces. We were attending the same conference, met for a coffee and co-founded afterwards.. Who would have thought!

– Eric

I‘ve met my boyfriend on NewFaces. Meeting new people on the Internet or an app is not a taboo! Very easy and fun way to meet new people around you.

– Christin

I just moved to Berlin from England, not knowing anyone. This app helped me to meet many interesting people in my hood. I call some of them my friends now.

– Brandon

Download the 3km Chat Radar App for Android now!

iOS Version coming soon!